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What is Seat Based Savings™?


Seat Based Savings™ Powered by NeoPrint is a disrupter in the Managed IT space that bridges the gap between what corporations need and service providers strive to become. We create a paradigm shift in how corporations and service providers view and support all information technology infrastructures.


Our mission is to disrupt an industry that has thrived on the mantra “where there is mystery there is margin.” We believe in building transparent partnerships between service providers & corporations that will allow for a win/win situation between all stakeholders.


Our Seat Based Savingsfinancial calculator will allow you the ability to undress all lease payments, quantify the cost of capital & operational expenses for hardware & support for your entire infrastructure, and recommend industry best practices that will help drive productivity and savings.


We advocate on your behalf to design the best solution for all parties involved and manage the transition from inception to implementation. This guarantees savings (for corporations & service providers), increases service levels, and utilizes technology to help drive efficiencies across the board.

What We Do

Our Methodology - IT as a Service

Business 101 – Focus on your core business and outsource the non-revenue generating tasks to the lowest cost employee/partner without compromising quality. In fact your partnership should ENHANCE quality as your partner has the resources to focus solely on supporting the task at hand; thereby giving your business the ability to achieve significant gains.

Service Providers

We are dispelling the myth of “where there is mystery there is margin.” You don’t have to take advantage of your customers in order to run a successful business. Seat Based Savings Powered by NeoPrint allows you to utilize the toolsets that you need in order to derive margin whie focusing on the customer’s best interest. We provide a win/win situation for all stakeholders involved.


Incorporate analytics that provide valuable insights that allow you to make educated management decisions. You need a partner that will utilize technology to help make you more effective at growing your core business. Seat Based SavingsPowered by NeoPrint gives you an advocate that will lobby on your behalf to help take advantage of all technologies (and savings) that are available to you.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsibility to YOU

Seat Based SavingsPowered by NeoPrint is a movement to contribute our Christian values to the well being of society on a global scale. We devote our talents & experiences to help transform businesses across the globe. Our goal is to provide organizations and individuals with information that will empower them to not only achieve success, but also pay it forward by helping others realize their dreams. We encourage all of our partners to remember the importance of extending a helping hand. Everyone is in business to make money, but we want to partner with those who share our values. We take great pride in honoring our corporate social responsibility and vow to be good stewards of all resources we are blessed to oversee. Collectively we have the power to make the world in which we live and do business in a better place.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We are all in, so much so that we pledge 5% of all corporate profits to the enhancement of each local community in which we serve. Doing business with us will help support those in your own back-yard and empower all people to provide better lives for themselves and others.


We welcome ALL opportunities to collaborate with individuals, innovators, trendsetters, and ANYONE who is willing to contribute to the Seat Based Savings™ Movement.


There are only 3 types of people in the world…

1. Those who become history

2. Those who create history

3. Those who encompass both


If you feel that you’re the latter then submit your information for consideration to join our team. We are constantly connecting with consultants, industry professionals, and marketing specialists to add value to the movement. We are looking for collaborations to help us write the next chapter in information technology.

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